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Registration fee for all of our programs in Ecuador is US $40.--


Learn Spanish and Explore Ecuador... You Can Do It All!
Choose from six exciting options:

Andes - Amazonas 7 Days, SPANISH COURSE:

Andes & Amazon Jungle
7 Days/6 Nights $849


Andes & Amazon Jungle (1 week):

Have a wonderful experience in only one week; learning Spanish and visiting some of the most beautiful places in our country. We’re sure you’ll experience will be unforgettable. Begin your journey by visiting the exotic city of Baños, its surroundings and walking with us along the route of the waterfalls. As we venture into the jungle, feel as the temperature changes from a climate of 23 degrees Celsius to 27-34 degree Celsius. Watch as the vegetation changes from mountainous to the lush vegetation of the Amazon. Give pleasure to your senses and enjoy watching the wonders of the unique Amazon jungle. Sail with us on the Napo River in an indigenous canoe, walk through the jungle and learn a little bit more about the nature and biodiversity. Tube down this great river, enter the prehistoric caves and finally enjoy the thermal hot springs of Papallacta at 3200 meters above sea level.

Andes - Amazonas 12 Days, SPANISH COURSE:

Andes & Amazon Jungle Round Trip
12 Days/11 Nights $1399


Andes & Amazon Jungle Round Trip (12 Days):

Start with us in Quito. If you arrive in our city a couple of days early, get know our very beautiful capital with an experienced guide that can show you all of the wonders Quito has to offer (extra cost). After experiencing Quito walk along the Andes from Quito to Otavalo. Discover the ancestral indigenous town of Otavalo, visit the Indian market and look in awe at the sacred waterfall of Peguche. Crossing from north to south, trek from Otavalo to the city of Baños while taking in the freshness of the Andes. Enjoy Baños, its surroundings and the beauty of its waterfalls. Afterwards, pass through the Andes to the Amazon jungle. Relish in the tropical climate and nature, participate in a shamanic ceremony in Puyo, walk with us through the jungle, tube on the Napo River, observe both the flora and fauna of the Amazon and visit prehistoric caves. As a gold brooch, conclude your journey relaxing in the warm thermal pools of Papallacta located 3200 meters above sea level. Finally, return with us to Quito.

Walking the Andes 12 Days, SPANISH COURSE:

Walking Through The Andes
12 Days/11 Nights $1499


Walking through The Andes - Caminando por Los Andes (12 Days):

A fantastic program to observe and discover the wonder of the Andes and what they contain: vegetation, rivers, mountains, waterfalls, canyons, beautiful lakes, markets and indigenous people who are working and struggling to emerge in the far corners of large cities. You’ll experience the friendliness of these humble people, the joy they feel when seeing us and their sadness to see us leave.

Discover Quito, the beautiful capital of all Ecuadorians. Walk with us to the indigenous town of Otavalo where you can visit the artisanal market and explore this indigenous city. In the market, look at the vibrant colors of the clothes, buy beautiful gifts for your family and friends and after walk with us to the sacred waterfall. Once we’ve taking in all Otavalo has to offer, we’ll journey from Otavalo to ​​Cotopaxi National Park and its surrounding area. Take a relaxing walk in the park, trek with us through the Quilotoa Loop and return down to Chugchilán. You can opt to walk or ride with us from Chugchilán to the Quilotóa crater lagoon. Enjoy the spectacular crater view with us and then descend on foot to the edges beautiful lagoon. After we’ve enjoyed the nature, we’ll return from the crater on horseback or public bus back to Chugchilán. Then join us on our next adventure, the wonderful city of Baños. Prepare to be awestruck by its surroundings, including the route of the waterfalls. Later, discover the relaxed city of Riobamba and venture on to Sibambe for the breathtaking train ride down the Devil’s Nose. In the final stretch of this adventure, come with us to the pre-Incan ruins at Ingapirca and then move towards to the formidable city of Cuenca, one of the most beautiful cities of Ecuador and Cultural Heritage.

Experience Ecuador 16 Days, SPANISH COURSE:

Experience Ecuador
16 Days/15 Nights $1999


Experience Ecuador (16 days):

Just an overall awesome experience. This is your opportunity to travel for 16 days, delighting in the Andes and the Amazon jungle, trekking in the mountains and witnessing unique landscapes, Indian towns and markets, rivers, waterfalls, lagoons, thermal pools, Amazonian rivers, wildlife rescue centers and more. This amazing adventure will forever remain in your memory.

We leave from Quito, the beautiful capital of Ecuador, and continue to the indigenous town of Otavalo. Here you will discover the largest and most exotic indigenous market in Latin America. The indigenous textiles are so beautiful it’s almost impossible to resist buying gifts for your family and friends. Later, we’ll enjoy a beautiful hike around Cuicocha where we can observe this mystical lagoon and visit the sacred waterfall of Peguche. Following our Otavalo exploration, we will cross to the south of Ecuador to the Cotopaxi National Park area. You can enjoy a walk or ride from Chugchilán to Quilotoa and descend to the shore of this impressive crater lake. After, we’ll climb to the viewpoint and return to Chugchilán by public bus or horseback. Next is a visit to Riobamba. We’ll take the old train to the Devil's Nose and back to Baños. The beautiful city of Baños has something for everyone, from nature lovers to adventure seekers. From Baños to the jungle, you’ll have fun on the route of the waterfalls, participate in a shamanic indigenous experience, hike through the jungle, tube down the impressive Napo River and explore prehistoric caves. Cap off your experience with the delicious hot springs of Papallacta and finally return to Quito.

Exploring Ecuador 19 Days, SPANISH COURSE:

Ecuador - Language Round Trip
19 Days/18 Nights $2299


Ecuador Language Round Trip (19 Days):

Not only will you travel and learn spanish with us, but you’ll also explore the wonders of our amazing country.

Experience Ecuador and learn Spanish! Our Traveling Classroom starts in Otavalo and is a non-stop Spanish adventure from there. Horseback ride to Laguna Quilotoa, marvel at Chimborazo, ride the Devil´s Nose Train,  thrill seek in Baños, visit the Oriente and tube down the Rio Napo, visit an indigenous community, explore caves, and soak in thermal pools.

A complete program to travel, meet, discover and explore Ecuador. Enjoy all the splendor of this wonderful country: markets and indigenous peoples, cosmopolitan cities, green mountains, flora and fauna, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, animal markets, traditional indigenous parties, valleys, wild animals, caves, Inca ruins, a train ride on a route whose construction is considered the most difficult in the world, beautiful views, inner tubing on the Napo River, walks through the exotic Amazon rainforest… what more could you want?

Our program begins in Quito, and from there, heads north to Otavalo. In this Indian city, explore the largest and most exotic Latin American artisanal market. We’ll also hike down a nearby mountain to witness the mystical lake Cuicocha and visit the sacred waterfall of Peguche. Later, we’ll venture south to Cotopaxi National Park. After exploring all the park has to offer, we’re heading to Chugchilán, located far away in the middle of a beautiful mountain. From there, you can climb on a horse or walk towards Quilotoa where we’ll descend to the beautiful lagoon. A visit to Riobamba is next, located in the center of the country, where we’ll enjoy an impressive ride on the train known as the Devil's Nose. We return to the city of Baños, the gateway to the Amazon, and feast along the route of the waterfalls. In the jungle, we will participate in a shamanic indigenous ceremony, hike through the Amazon jungle, tube down the Napo River, visit a wildlife refuge center, go to prehistoric caves and lastly, explore a beautiful small town in the Amazon jungle where you can see monkeys in the wild. Finally, we’ll top off the trip with a lovely morning in the hot springs of Papallacta.

Secret of Evolution 15 days, SPANISH COURSE:

15 Days/14 Nights $3399


Galapagos Islands The Secrets of Evolution at the Amazing (15 DAYS)

A lovely program discovering the wonders of the Galapagos Islands. Starting in the San Cristobal Islands, you’ll visit the most fascinating áreas of these beautiful islands. You’ll have the chance to snorkle with sea lions, sea turtles and colorful fishes at La Loberia, a fantastic opportunity to swim like a kid again off the shore of Puerto Chino, learn the history of the islands at the Interpretation center, discover the lovely Cerro tijeretos, and discover all of the amazing wildlife surrounding you. Traveling to Santa Cruz by ferry, you will visit immensely beautiful places, such as, Tortuga Bay. Here, marine iguanas greet you at edge of the white sand beaches outlining the island, prehistoric turtles await you in the highlands and tunnels of lava provide a breathtaking experience. You will complete the trip by visiting Isabela Island, where you’ll marvel at the pristine waters and otherworldy wildlife. Participate in this unforgettable program to visit paradise on the earth. The Galapagos Islands, a place you have to experience at least once in your lifetime.


  1.                     1. Each week includes 20 hours of Spanish Classes, with 15 hours of formal face to face Spanish Classes and 5 hours of practice while traveling with your teacher.
  2.                     2. Public transportation
        1.          3. Courses
  3.                     . 3.1. Andes & Amazon Jungle 7 Days- 6 overnight stays
  4.                     . 3.2. Andes & Amazon Jungle Round Trip 12 Days- 11 overnight stays
  5.                     . 3.3. Walking through The Andes 12 Days- 11 overnight stays
  6.                     . 3.4. Experience Ecuador 16 Days - 15 overnight stays
  7.                     . 3.5. Ecuador Language Round Trip 19 Days- 18 overnight stays
  8.                     . 3.6. Charles Darwin & The Secret of Evolution in the Amazing Galapagos Islands 15 Days- 14 overnight stays
  9.                     4. Excursions indicated in the itinerary


Not Included:

  •                     1. All meals
  •                     2. All beverages
  •                     3. Personal expenses
  •                     4. Additional activities (ex. bungee jumping)




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