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Description of Courses

Every week, students will have 20 hours of Spanish classes. 15 hours will be spent in formal face-to-face classes and 5 hours will be spent practicing Spanish while traveling with the Spanish teacher. Formal classes will take place in a comfortable area and will either be held in the morning or the afternoon, depending on the travel schedule and planned excursions. Traveling with your teacher and companions will give you the opportunity to practice Spanish in a natural environment, as well as immersing you in Ecuadorian culture.

Unless arranged otherwise, the structure of our Traveling Classroom is designed to be in group lessons. Group size depends on the number of students participating with a maximum of 4 students. For individual classes, please add 25% to the price.

Spanish courses will be focused to develop everything you already know and everything you will be learning with us every single day and concentrated in your personal interests and needs.

With the exception of our Traveling Classroom, the Instituto Superior de Español offers three different types of classes: individual, group, or a combination course with 4 hours of group classes + 2 or 3 hours of individual teaching. We arrange classes to fit the needs of our students.

Individual Lessons:

Individual lessons are a great way to make real progress in a short amount of time! This style of lessons allows the student to benefit from 100% teacher focus and enables the teacher to develop a course of study that is perfectly tailored to the student's individual needs. The Instituto Superior de Español (ISE) recommends individual lessons for beginners in order to facilitate the learning process and speed for the student. Our teachers are committed to the students; therefore, if a student needs more time in one area, more time will be spent before moving on.

Group Lessons:

Group lessons are a fun way for students to learn from the teacher and the other students. Groups consist of two to five students, who are at similar levels of Spanish. This gives the students of the group the opportunity to support each other in class and outside of class. Studying in a group is a great way to get to know other students and a wonderful way to learn Spanish!

Combination lesson:

This alternative includes all the advantages of taking group and single lessons. Students will have four hours of studying in a group in the morning and two or three hours of one-on-one lessons in the afternoon. The combination of the two offers a very intense and fast learning experience. The teacher is not necessarily the same, but the classes are well organized and designed so that the student may practice the Spanish language more and the teachers can respond to the particular needs of the student.



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