19 Days - Ecuador Language Round Trip
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Ecuador Language Round Trip

The ultimate way to experience Ecuador and learn Spanish!

Our Traveling Classroom starts in Otavalo, known for its famous market and indigenous people, visits a waterfall and Parque del Condor, explores Cuicocha Lake, goes to El Boliche National Park, rides by horseback to Laguna Quilotoa, visits Riobamba, marvels at Chimborazo, Ecuador´s highest volcano, rides the Devil´s Nose Train, goes to Baños to see the beautiful waterfalls, gets a taste of the Oriente while walking through the jungle in Misahualli and tubing down the Rio Napo, visits an indigenous community, explores the caves near Tena and soaks in the relaxing Andean thermal pools of Papallacta.

This program includes 60 hours of Spanish, 45 of which will be spent in formal face-to-face classes, while 15 hours will be practicing Spanish whilst traveling.

Experience the culture, see the beauty of Ecuador and learn Spanish... we take care of all the details!

Ecuador Language Round Trip (19 Days) Itinerary:

MondayA trip to Ecuador is not complete without visiting Otavalo. A cultural hub, Otavaleños pride themselves in their heritage and artistic talents. They are famous for their weavings and textiles and host one of the biggest and best markets in Central and South America.

After arriving to Otavalo, you’ll refuel with lunch and then  have your first Spanish class for the duration of the afternoon. Between classes and dinner you will have the opportunity to explore the colorful market.

TuesdayStart with breakfast and then spend the morning in classes. Eat lunch and then head on an excursion to Peguche Falls, passing through a eucalypti grove. After the visiting the falls, continue to San Pablo Lake, with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Return to Otavalo for dinner and an evening stroll through the vibrant town.

WednesdayAfter a good breakfast, it’s off to Cuicocha Lake and Cotacachi. Follow the path around Cuicocha Lake, a beautifully scenic area with patchwork fields in the background. Eat a traditional lunch and learn about the history of the lake and islands. Return to Cotachachi, famous for leather goods, and have the opportunity to stroll the drag. Back in Otavalo, you will have Spanish classes for the afternoon and then dinner.

ThursdayEat breakfast and then depart to Machachi. Located in the central highlands, Machachi sits among beautifully quilted farmland, surrounded by volcanic peaks. It’s possible to see the jagged peaks of the Ilinizas, which are snow covered at times. After arriving, eat lunch and then study Spanish for the afternoon. Go for an afternoon walk in the stunning environment and later have dinner and relax for an adventurous day ahead.

FridayFuel up with a good breakfast and it’s off to el Boliche Recreational Area, located adjacent to Cotopaxi National Park. Explore the Andean forest by path, observing different native plants. After your hike have lunch and spend the afternoon in class. In the evening, have dinner and rest.

SaturdayStart with breakfast and a short Spanish session before departing to Latacunga. In Latacunga, grab a bite to eat and board the bus to Chugchilán, passing through beautiful Andean country. Chugchilán is situatied on the mountainside, overlooking the Rio Toachi Canyon, with a spectacular view. Have lunch and Spanish classes. In the evening, have dinner and get some rest for the day ahead.

SundayAfter good breakfast and we’ll go by horse to Laguna Quilotoa, the famous and stunning green crater lake. On a clear day it’s possible to see the snowcapped peaks of Cotopaxi and Iliniza. Refuel with lunch and head back for an afternoon Spanish session. In the evening, have dinner and relax.

MondayAfter breakfast you will depart for Riobamba, located near to Chimborazo, Ecuador's highest peak and the closet peak in the world to the sun. Fuel up with lunch and study Spanish for the afternoon. In the evening have dinner and rest.

TuesdayStart with a good breakfast and then morning Spanish classes. After lunch, spend the afternoon exploring Riobamba. In the evening, have dinner and prepare for an exciting departure in the morning.


Option A
An early breakfast and all aboard! Depart by train via the famous La Nariz del Diablo, an exhilarating descent from Alausí to Sibambe and back. After returning from the train adventure, have lunch and then classes for the afternoon. In the evening, eat dinner and rest for departure in the morning.

Option B
Start with breakfast and then adventure to the Volcán Chimborazo refuge. This spectacular volcano is the furthest point from the center of the earth, due to the earth's equatorial bulge. Making it technically taller than Everest. Return to Alausí for lunch and afternoon classes. In the evening, have dinner and relax for departure in the morning.

ThursdayAfter breakfast, depart for the next stop on your adventure, Baños. The gateway to the Amazon and an adventurer’s paradise. You’re going to enjoy this vibrant environment located in the foothills of the active Volcán Tungurahua. After arriving in Baños, you’ll refuel with lunch and then have your first Spanish class for the duration of the afternoon. In the evening, eat dinner, stroll the town, and enjoy the friendly vibe.

FridayStart with a good breakfast and then visit the spectacular waterfalls of Baños. Ride in a cable car and cross the river. Hike to the Pailon del Diablo and be in for a splash. For the brave, there is even bungee jumping. Back in town, enjoy lunch and an afternoon of classes. In the evening, have dinner and relax.

SaturdayFuel up with breakfast and then spend the morning in Spanish classes. After classes, have lunch and then hike to the spectacular viewpoint. After returning, have dinner and relax.

SundayFree day. Enjoy the Baños thermal pools, known for their rejuvenating powers and a great way to spend the day relaxing.

MondayAfter breakfast depart to Misahualli, located on the Rio Napo in the Amazon Jungle. After arriving you will have lunch, along with entertainment from the local monkeys, who hang out in the central park. Stroll back to the hotel, stopping along the beach, and study Spanish for the afternoon. In the evening, have dinner and relax for an exciting day ahead.

TuesdayAfter a good breakfast, depart by motorized canoe down the Rio Napo. Your first stop, a jungle walk. Disembark and be guided through the jungle. Discover the many marvels of the jungle, including some survival tricks. Next, you will have the opportunity to tube down the Rio Napo, a refreshingly wonderful experience. After lunch on the Napo, you’ll visit a conservational zoo. Head back up river to town, eat dinner, and relax.

Wednesday Start with breakfast and then visit a waterfall, located closely out of town. Hike through the jungle to the waterfall and take a refreshing dip. Back in Misahualli, get your bags and it is off to Tena. Have lunch and an afternoon of Spanish classes. In the evening, have dinner and relax.

ThursdayAfter eating breakfast, visit the caves of Jumandy. Named after a man who fought against the Spanish conquistadors, the caves provide an adventurous afternoon of exploring and discovering their wonders. You’ll then return to Tena for lunch and afternoon classes. In the evening, stroll the town, eat dinner, and prepare for your final day.

FridayEat breakfast and then head back up the Sierra to Papallacta. Papallacta was a stopping point for Francisco Orellana, the Spanish conquistador who made the famous journey down the Amazon in 1541.

Here you will find the thermal pools of Papallacta, a relaxing way to finish your trip. Refuel with a local trout lunch before heading back to Quito.

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