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  • Quito, Otavalo, Amazon, Galapagos

ISE Schoolslearn Spanish

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  • The Oriente is a region of eastern Ecuador, comprising the eastern slopes of the Ecuadorian Andes.

Jungle welcome to the jungle

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  • The Galapagos Islands are a Natural World Heritage Site and one of the most famous natural destinations

Galapagos Islandthe enchanted islands

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  • Travel and learn Spanish with our Traveling Classroom!

Ecuador 16 daysbiodiversity path

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Traveling Classroom Spanish Programs

Explore Ecuador and learn Spanish...You can do it all! Our Traveling Classrooms are the perfect way to maximize your time in our beautiful country. Learn Spanish quickly while traveling and discovering the natural wonders of Ecuador. We have found that total immersion for students amongst local Ecuatorianos allows them to learn Spanish faster than in formal classes. All you need to do is enjoy your travels and practice your Spanish… we will take care of the details...accommodations, transportation, activities! Departing from Quito, while traveling from place to place, students complete 20 hours of Spanish classes per week, combined with a variety of activities, such as biking, hiking, swimming in waterfalls, lounging in thermal springs and visiting indigenous markets! Popular itineraries combine the attractions of the Andean highlands, the Amazon Basin and the thermal springs of Baños and Papallacta. All of our teachers hold university degrees in Linguistics and Latin American Literature. Some even have a degree in Tourism. Your teacher will teach you Spanish and be your tour guide! Our Traveling Classroom itineraries include:

In order to organize this unique experience, students have to choose and apply for the appropriate Traveling Classroom Spanish program. Students should inform us about their current level of Spanish while also letting us know their personal interests and expectations about this awesome opportunity to discover Ecuador while traveling with a professionally experienced and qualified Spanish teacher.

Our Spanish Institute will organize everything in advance and send the student a complete confirmation, which will include the complete itinerary the students and Spanish teacher will follow every day throughout the program. In addition to this confirmation, Instituto Superior de Español will also send a recommended packing list to follow before departing from home.

Our Spanish Institute will pick our students up at the airport and will take them to their accommodation before starting with the Traveling classroom.

On the first morning, before starting with the Traveling Classroom Spanish course, students will participate in a small test to reconfirm their level of Spanish and will receive their learning materials at our office in Quito. In order to be sure that all Spanish students are in the right Spanish level and have the right materials for their Spanish course, the first 4 hours of the course (when students start on a Monday) will be taught at the school in Quito. After class, we will eat lunch together in the city and then depart for our destinations.


Traveling classroom Spanish courses are designed for anybody who likes to discover the wonders of our country and learn the Spanish language at the same time.

Ecuador is considered one of the safest countries in all of Latin America and one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Quito was recognized as the first Cultural Heritage of the Humanity by UNESCO, Galapagos Islands as the first Natural Heritage of the Humanity and Otavalo is recommended by guide books as the first destination to visit in Latin America because of having the most exotic and largest Indigenous Market in all of Latin America.

According to our experience teaching Spanish in Ecuador for 28 years, more than 60% of our Spanish students in all of our Spanish programs have been female and most of them travel alone. This exemplifies how friendly and safe our country is for travelers.

From the moment you arrive in our country, we take care of you by picking you up from the airport and assisting you minute by minute with everything you need and expect from us.

In order to offer you an authentic experience traveling across Ecuador, we have developed our Traveling Spanish programs with the use of public buses that we have known for almost 20 years. Public buses convey a sense of the everyday life of Ecuadorians. You’ll experience how they feel, act and experience their day-to-day lives. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how friendly Ecuadorians are when you strike up a conversation on the seat of a bus.

In indigenous villages, you can witness indigenous people bringing their animals on the bus early in the morning to sell in the markets or taking a chicken from the market to their homes located seemingly in the middle of nowhere!

Of course, if you are over 65 years old or traveling with kids, we recommend you opt for private transportation. To reserve this option, we will ask you to provide an additional 50% of the regular price to cover comfortable private transportation.

Accommodation designed for each night of the program is decided on and reserved in advance. These sites are the places where we have received the best service and the people have been very friendly to our Spanish students and us.

We will provide you with itineraries detailing your entire time with us. Activities you will participate in will provide you with a precious view of our country but will never include dangerous or hazardous activities that could put your life at risk, such as rafting in a dangerous river with a strong current. Of course, you will able to do these riskier activities during a designed free day but out of our responsibility! In all instances, in order to participate in our Spanish courses in Ecuador, we require you travel with a travel insurance that will protect you in case of any accident! We want to ensure you have a safe trip throughout your time in Ecuador!

Ecuador offers local, traditional and international food. Students are welcome to decide where and what to eat. Of course, some of our more adventurous Spanish students wish to try guinea pig or insects, which we normally don’t eat but are offered in the amazon jungle or the Indigenous villages. You are not obligated to eat these more exotic foods, but in case you’re an adventurous eater, we will warn you against any foods we believe are unsafe!

While traveling with us, you will find ATMs throughout the trip, including the Amazon, except deep inside the mountains or jungle. Because Traveling Classroom Spanish programs do not include meals, we recommend that everybody budget between US $ 8 to US $ 30 per day for meals, depending on what you eat. We advise traveling with some US $ cash to buy food or souvenirs.


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