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Eugenio Cordova, the Academic Director of the Instituto Superior de Español, has a Bachelor's degree in Spanish Language and Latin American Literature and another university degree as an Engineer in International Business. He received his degree to teach the Spanish Language and Latin American and Ecuadorian Literature from the Universidad Central del Ecuador (1986-1991). Eugenio was an excellent university student and, at the same time, was the Student Body President of 15,000 university students. Eugenio received his Engineer in International Business degree at the Universidad del Pacífico (1998-2004); with a reputation as one of the best Universities in Ecuador that only accepts students with excellent grades.

Throughout his academic career, Eugenio has also concentrated on issues mainly concerning the development and betterment of teaching practices. It was while studying Spanish and Literature that he decided Quito would be an ideal place to open a school for foreigners to learn Spanish, because the people in Quito speak with a clear dialect. In 1988, the Instituto Superior de Español opened their first school.

In order to organize the right Spanish program for everyone of our Spanish students, our Academic Director is the person who receives all inquires and reservations by e-mail and, of course, the person who organizes everything, including your personal Spanish program which will be developed while studying with us.

In order to organize the right Spanish program for every new student, our Academic Director is always in touch with prospective Spanish students and needs to know in advance: a brief personality profile of the person wanting to study with us in Ecuador + what are their personal expectations + how long does he or she want to learn the Spanish language with us + what are his or her plans for traveling to Ecuador + what is their previous knowledge of Spanish.

While students are studying with us, our Academic Director will take care of the program offered to every student and will coordinate every single learning process to ensure that everybody will have success in his or her Spanish course.

Of course, our Academic Director not only works from his office or from his desk, he is another laborer who works very hard to provide a good service and contribute to maintaining a professional image of our Spanish Institute. In order to be up to date with itineraries and teaching processes, Eugenio also travels as a regular Spanish teacher in Traveling Classroom Spanish programs, teaches in the programs in the Galapagos Islands, guides students in each program and acts as the Academic Director & Coordinator of the Spanish programs.  


Because of our very well 28 years of experience in teaching Spanish language to foreigners, Instituto Superior de Español knows that in order to guarantee the best and most successful learning process, a Spanish school must hire professional teachers with a university education in teaching combined with several years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners.

The Instituto Superior de Español is still the only Spanish school in Ecuador where 100% of its teachers have a university degree (All of them have studied to be language teachers. In addition to that, most of our Spanish teachers hold a second or third university degree in tourism, environment, international business, etc.).

Moreover, all of our teachers are native Ecuadorians, which enables students to have a deeper contact with the Ecuadorian culture, history and lifestyle. The teachers can help students to easily adapt to cultural differences between Ecuadorians and foreigners, including the customs within their relationship with local families



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